Jungle Talk Slide' N Spin Large
The Jungle Talk Slide N Spin is a fun slide and spin bird toy that encourages preening, beak maintenance and mental stimulation. Enhanced with colourful acrylic and plastic pieces all within a fruit flavoured wooden frame ensuring your bird will...
Kazoo Arch Chips & Bells
This toy provides textures and shapes that birds may encounter in the wild. It's designed to suit various sizes and cages, creating surfaces your feathery friend can climb or peck, which is great for their muscular development. Fantastic for keeping your mate mentally sharp and...
Birdie Beaded Swing With Bell
Brightly coloured beads in different shapes swinging fun for your bird Enriches your birds environment Suitable for small to medium sized birds Mental stimulation
Rosewood Boredom Breaker Woven Wonders Rainbow Pinata Parrot Toy M-L
Ideal for pet birds to play with, chew and shred Toy made only from 100% natural materials like palm leaf and abaca. Hand woven by fair trade producers in the Philippines. Ideal for cockatoos, desertcarts, greys, macaws and conures to...
Kazoo Tower with Beads and Sisal - Large
This sound and puzzle toy is designed to engage your feathery friend's intellect by creating challenges for the bird to complete in order to get a reward. Fantastic for keeping your bird mentally sharp and entertained! Can be hung to or...
Kazoo Perch Star
This toy provides shapes and movement that birds may encounter in the wild. It's designed to suit various sizes and cages, creating a source of curiosity your feathery friend can peck at and explore. Fantastic for keeping your mate mentally sharp and entertained! Bright colours to attract...
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