ROSEWOOD Chill N Chew Mat For Small Animals
Rosewood Chill N Chew Mats Rosewood are passionate about pets, and design and develop their own pet care products to get tails wagging, keep kitties sitting pretty, and help birds, small furries and fish enjoy happier, healthier lives. These 100% natural...
Rosewood Carrot Play Patch
Rosewood Carrot Play Patch is ideal for stimulating and challenging your small pets. This boredom breaker toy includes six small sisal and dried corn leaf carrots, made with pet safe materials, dyes and glues. Rosewood’s product helps to keep your...
Fun and tasty, this twist makes a versatile addition to your pet’s enriching offerings.
This versatile accessory can be placed throughout your pet’s habitat or hung in an appropriate location to encourage chewing and interaction.
Rosewood Grape 'n' gnaw'
Grape 'n' gnaw': ROSEWOOD Grape Gnaw Small Animal Activity Toy wooden set is perfect for creating an activity wonderland for your hamster, gerbil or another small critter. The pieces are easy to assemble. Best of all, the whole set comes...
NATURE ISLAND Maize Coronet Activity Toy For Small Animals
Designed to be hung up inside your pet's home, NATURE ISLAND Maize Coronet Activity Toy for small animals will keep them entertained for hours while helping them wear down their growing teeth. Made entirely from natural corn leaf materials on...
Rosewood Woodies Play Carrots 6 pack
Rosewood Woodies Play Carrots 6 pack are ideal for all small animals. Rosewood Woodies Play Carrots are fun to play with and gnaw. They are a great way to keep your small animal’s teeth healthy and sharp. Rosewood Woodies Play...
Rosewood Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer
Banana Leaf Carrot Stuffer This is sure to become your pet favourite play thing. All natural, chewable, tossable ! Suitable for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Why we love this: Ideal for pets to play with and chew. Once the corn...
Rosewood Mini Sisal Carrots Toy
Rosewood Mini Sisal Carrots Toy: Rosewood Boredom Breaker 6 Pack Mini Sisal Carrots are small sisal and dried corn leaf carrots - replacements designed for use with the small pet carrot play patch.
Rosewood Small Animal Activity Toys Wacky Rollers
Rosewood Small Animal Activity Toys Wacky Rollers: Large sized play veg for pets to chew and toss. Made from 100% natural materials, no glue, plastic or metal (and dyed with pet-safe colours) Can be hung or left on the floor...
NATURE ISLAND Ice Cream Mineral Treat Activity Toy For Small Animals 3pcs
NATURE ISLAND Ice Cream Mineral Treat Activity Toy for small animals are a great way to satisfy salt cravings and deliver the minerals they need! Plus, they'll love chewing them because they're tasty, while they get the added benefit of...
Rosewood Carrot Toy 'n' Treat Holder
Rosewood Carrot Toy 'n' Treat Holder: This wooden treat holder can be easily and securely attached to the corner of most wire pet homes and can also be used as a stand alone item without attaching to walls. Pets are...
ROSEWOOD Play 'n' Climb Kit Activity Toy for Small Animals
Rabbits and rodents such as hamsters and guinea pigs don't always get as much of our time as other pets, so it's even more important that they are kept mentally stimulated. Rosewood boredom breaker range of small animal activity toys...
ROSEWOOD Carrot Dream Catcher Small Animal Activity Toy
Made of natural materials like loofa and corn leaf, it's perfect for chewing and playing and with a fun carrot dream catcher design, it will keep your pet entertained for hours on end. Plus, it's made with pet-safe materials and...
Rosewood Pet Boredom Breaker Nibble Stix Small Animal Toy
These high-quality wooden vegetables are perfect for imaginative play and helps keep their teeth healthy. Each stick measures approx 10.5cms in length
Rosewood Fiesta Snowflakes
Rosewood Cupid & Comet Edible Snowflake Gnaws Pack 3 These hard wood based edible snowflake gnaws are the perfect festive treat for your small animal. The tasty dusting of coconut snow will add taste and also help to relieve boredom...
Nature Island Alfalfa Sprouts
Nature Island’s little sprout-shaped chews are a great fit for small animals. Made from 100% pet safe timothy grass powder and corn leaf, these fun toys help your furry friend keep themselves entertained while you’re away at work or just...
Oxbow Timothy CLUB Hay Square
Hand-woven, 100% Timothy hay items such as those in our Timothy CLUB line make the perfect environmental enrichment items for inside and outside the habitat. Timothy CLUB accessories contain no chemicals, wires, or strings and are completely edible.
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